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2005 Talent Show Contestants


Music Category Ages 7-12

1. Holly Cormier (12) R&B/Blues Singer

2. Reshad McCord (12) Pop Singer

3. Rebecca Haley (10) Country Singer

4. Cory Ward (10) Original Song/Play Guitar (songwriter)

5. Ashton Turney (11) Musical Singer

6. Sarah Upchurch (12) Modern Folk Singer

7. Sarah Smith (10) Classical Piano

8. Kaylie Hackett (11) Musical Singer

9. Candace Rucker (8) Pop Singer

10. Yedarm Kim (9) Classical Piano

11. Jessica Oliver (8) Classical Piano


Music Category Ages 13-17

12. Wesley Stiles (13) R&B Singer

13. Katherine Polsinelli (17) Country Singer

14. David Brown (15) Country Singer


Drama Category

15.Holly Wakefield (12), Brooke Perry (9), Emelie Schaefer(11) Original skit, written by the trio

16. Cailie Chavez ( ) Children's Poetry

17. Chante McCorskey (16) and Marcus Rhodes, Jr. (14) Spiritual Interpretative Mime


Dance Category

18. Anthony Gilbert (10) Hip Hop Dancer

19. Amber Hagen (13) Baton Twirling


Art Category

20. Jesse Davis (11) Painting


Some of our Contestants

Marcus Dewayne Rhodes, Jr. and Chante McCroskey, Drama


Reshad McCord, Music


Jessica Oliver, Music


Amber Hagan, Music


Katherine Polsinelli, Music


Holly Cormier, Music


Jamie Averwater, Dance


Rebecca Haley, Music


Sarah Smith, Music


Cory Ward, Music


Kaylie Hackett, Music



Candace Rucker, Music


Holly Wakefield, Drama

Brooke Perry, Drama

Sarah Upchurch, Music



Ashton Turney, Music










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