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2007 5th Annual Children's Benefit Talent Show Contestants

Art Category (Ages 10-13)
*1. Aaliyah Gore-Star: Attends Antioch Middle School, Age 12
*2. Dakoda Rollins- Before the Storm: Attends Rock Springs Middle School, Age 13
*3. Sterling Scott- The Floating Lotus: Attends Rockvale Elementary Age, 11
*4. Sunshine Scott- Picture of Jesus Christ: Attends Rockvale Elementary, Age 10

Music (Ages10-11)

5. Alison Cribb- Listen to Your Heart:Attends Siegel Middle School, Age 11
6. Molly Kenny- Be My Baby: Attends Campus School, Age 10
*7. Sunshine Scott-Blue Bayou: Age 10
8. Mary Grace Williams- Anyway: Attends Campus School, Age 11

Music (Ages 13-15)

*10. Chanice Gore- I Turn to  You: Attends Nashville School of the Arts, Age 15
*11. Dakoda Rollins- Original Song: One Cross+Three Nails
12.  Wesley Stiles-Orange Colored Sky:Blackman High School, Age 14
13.  Donna Underwood- Original Song: Liftt Me Up: Home School, Age 14

Dance (Ages 10-15)

15.  Aviona Carrigan-El Tango De Roaxanne: Attends Blackman Middle School, Age 13
*16. Aaliyah Gore- It's My Turn Now, Age 12
*17. Chanice Gore- Made, Age 15

Modeling Back to School Wear: (Ages 10-15)

*19. Aaliyah Gore, Age 12
*20. Chanice Gore, Age 15
*21. Sterling Scott, Age 11
*22. Sunshine Scott, Age 10

Instrumental (Ages 11-13)

*23. Aaliyah Gore, Flute: Mozart: Age 12
24. Sarah Smith, Piano:Sonata: Enswood School, Age 12
*25. Sterling Scott, Violin:Devil Went Down to Georgia: Rockvale Elementary, Age 11

Drama (Ages 10-11)

*26. Sunshine Scott: Scene from "Annie", Age 10
*27. Sterling Scott: Comedy Routine, Age 11
*Participants are competing in more than one contest.  










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